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Amanda Warner BFRAP

Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner NZ

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals Courses in New Zealand and Australia!

This weekend interest course will teach you up-to-date behaviour theory on popular companion animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and horses to help you accurately assess the emotional motivation causing a behavioural problem.

It is important to understand the motivation behind an animal's behaviour and seeing things from the animal's perspective.

Animal behaviour has been extensively researched by Veterinary Behaviourists and Universities in recent years and previous outdated misconceptions are now being replaced by scientifically based theory.

This means that the emotions behind an animal's behaviour can often be misdiagnosed on previous behavioural knowledge and therefore compromising the welfare of the animal.

Students will learn to take a full history, the importance of Veterinary referral and the potential influence of medical conditions, how to interpret body language correctly and learn what is normal behaviour for a species, to understand the influence of the family situation, environment, interaction and relationships with the animal and different training methods and the consequences of these.

There will be case studies of animals Amanda has treated in the past and opportunities to choose remedies with their new knowledge for real cases and their own pets. Students will leave the weekend with a new appreciation of how companion animals feel and why, and how they can use the Bach Flower Remedies to their best effects.

Bach Centre BC-ACE approved CPD course

Sorry, I'm currently unable to take courses at the moment but can let you know as soon as I start them again!

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals BFRAP